What A Girl Wants

What A Girl Wants

No More Late Fees
No More Late Fees
What A Girl Wants

This week Jackie and Danielle are talking about 2003 comedy What A Girl Wants with their guest Olivia!

On a whim, American teenager Daphne boards a plane to England to find the father she never met. Upon arriving there, though, she makes a startling discovery: The man she's looking for is Lord Henry Dashwood, a member of the British upper class, who is running for political office. Lord Henry didn't know Daphne existed, but he welcomes her into his life. However, she isn't so sure — and his family and his current betrothed look on her disapprovingly.

Starring: Amanda Bynes, Colin Firth, Kelly Preston, Eileen Atkins, Anna Chancellor and Jonathan Pryce

·Season 2 Episode 48·

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