EP 59 – The C Word

EP 59 – The C Word

Welcome to this edition of The Review Zoo! With hosts Samuel Harper and Andrew McDonald.

On this weeks show we talk…

The C Word that has us all looked away in our houses for about three weeks now.

Quibi Launch and Most Dangerous Game – Official Trailer (2020) with Liam Hemsworth, Christoph Waltz

Pixar Soul | Official Trailer

Connected Trailer #1 (2020)

Disney / Marvel Black Widow Final Trailer (2020) and subsequent delay

We Also Review…

Star Trek PICARD Season Finale (Spoilers: Andrew Loved It)

Sam Harper gives 4 Mins 4 (for) Comics

Hellions #1 Once & Future #7 X-Men #9 DCeased: The Unkillables #1 and #2 Decorum #1 Batman: Curse of the White Knight Lazarus: Risen #4
And we also touch on through the show action figures, k pop, Half Life Alyx Impressions (Andrew is impressed), the current situation in the comic book industry with Diamond Distributors and final topic…

Should theaters release movies on time, straight to VOD or delay until this all calms down?

In the meantime and in between, we are The Review Zoo.

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