EP 48 – New Things On The Horizon

EP 48 – New Things On The Horizon

Welcome to this edition of The Review Zoo! Hosts Samuel Harper, Edlund Gerard, and Andrew McDonald discussed Last Wednesday, September 11th:


  • It: Chapter 2 Review

It: Chapter 2 was a choppy movie, with a fairly predictable plot, that was carried by great comedic dialogue, genuinely good scares, and stellar performances by an all-star cast including Bill Hader who provided an Oscar-nominating performance as the adult version of Richie.
Score – B

  • Powers of X# 04 Review

“I barely know whats going on.” – Andrew and Edlund

In Case You Missed It

Keeping It Weird

If Will Smith had said yes to ‘The Matrix’ instead of Keanue Reeves

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