EP 47 – This Turns My Crank

EP 47 – This Turns My Crank

Welcome to this edition of The Review Zoo! Hosts Samuel Harper, Edlund Gerard, and Andrew McDonald discussed Last Wednesday, September 4th:

Also He is Willing to Play Clayface or Drax In Stand Alone Films, Also will be In Gears 5 as DLC character next week. 


  • House Of X #4 – 1:15:00
  • Immortal Hulk #23 – 1:28:06

One Sentence Rundown / Lightning Round – 1:35:00

  • Watchmen TV Show 10/20 / Harley Quinn Pregnant / Alfred Dead As Uncle Ben / One More Day Doctor Strange / Shazam Greater Than Supes / Black Batman Incoming

Keeping It Weird

Method Man Wants to Be Lucas Bishop in a Movie and Tobey Maguire is SpiderMan in Far From Home Trailer

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