EP 46 – Sony & Disney Divorce! MCU Gets No Spidey Visitation Rights

EP 46 – Sony & Disney Divorce! MCU Gets No Spidey Visitation Rights

Welcome to this edition of The Review Zoo! Hosts Samuel Harper, Edlund Gerard, and Andrew McDonald discussed Last Wednesday, August 28st:

  • Intro and Tom Holland/Kevin Feige talk about Spider-man’s exit of MCU – 3:30
  • Rise of The Skywalker Trailer – 15:30
  • Joker Trailer – 24:50
  • Eternals News: Kit Harington to play “Black Knight” in the Eternals movie; Gemma Chan is now Sersei; First Openly Gay Hero in Eternals 30:30
  • Ezra Miller’s The Flash movie is happening but does anyone still care? – 40:30
  • Black Panther 2 release date
  • The Mandalorian Trailer – 53:30
  • Cowards! Anthony Mackie will stay The Falcon – 58:50
  • Also: Ms Marvel, Moon Knight and She Hulk; Ms Marvel – 1:06:40 / Moon Knight – 1:06:40 / She- Hulk – 1:06:40
  • Commercial Break for Mike & Mike & The Complete Works – 1:14:35 
  • Cowards!: No Crossover from DC and Marvel – 1:21:20
  • Reviews: 1:33:00

House of X #3
Paper Girls Series review
Dragon Ball Super Manga Ch. 51 Review
Epic Store First Impressions

Lastly, Keeping It Weird:

  • Hasbro buys Peppa Pig and Death Row Records – 1:59:30

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