EP 43 – The Streaming Wars Heat up & Kevin Conroy is BATMAN! (Live Action?!)

EP 43 – The Streaming Wars Heat up & Kevin Conroy is BATMAN! (Live Action?!)

I now know what my nightmares were warning me about. Laura Winslow with the face of Mike Tyson. Shudders…

Welcome to this edition of The Review Zoo! Hosts Samuel Harper, Edlund Gerard, and Andrew McDonald discussed Last Wednesday, August 7th:

  • 1 – Intro and Andy Serkis is our Venom 2 Director
  • 2 – Dark Phoenix sucked so bad it messed with Disney’s stocks
  • 3 – GOT Show Runners Get Massive $200 Million Deal from Netflix 
  • 4 – Possible Villain for Thor 4 
  • 5 – Joker is well received by Toronto International Film Festival 
  • 6 – Kevin Conroy Playing Live Action Old Bruce Wayne in CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths 
  • 7 – I’m Sorry Jon…Garfield finds a new home at Viacom 
  • 8 – Runaways/Cloak and Dagger Show crossover 
  • 9 – DC fucks with a good thing yet again – Wildcats isn’t coming out
  • 10 – Disney Drops A Bomb In the Streaming Wars + Remakes Incoming
  • 11 – Reviews and Impressions –  The Boys
  • 12 – Reviews and Impressions – House of X #2 WTF OMG

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