EP 20: Chadwick Forever

EP 20: Chadwick Forever

Rapture Press
Rapture Press
EP 20: Chadwick Forever

Recorded August 30th, 2020.

This week on TOGNP!

Special Guest Samantha Gerard joins us to reflect on the passing of Chadwick Boseman, star of The Black Panther, 5 Bloods, Thurgood, and upcoming Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom films.

In The Trailer Park Ed, Sam, and Andrew talk upcoming movies and TV from Netflix like Enola Holmes, HBO Max and Raised By Wolves, and spend almost zero time talking Lord of the Rings: Gollum, cause is anyone really interested in that game?

We run through a quick Is It Worthy for the news of Epic and Apple, The Powerpuff Girls getting a live action show, Keanu Reeves as Wolverine, Star Trek coming back to Broadcast TV, Manga, and then an argument on the merits of the Gilmore Girls.

And last in our main topics, DC Fandome. The many trailers from The Batman, Suicide Squad, Black Adam, Wonder Woman, Games, and how much Ed Hate/Loves Batman in the upcoming films.

Join Ed, Sam, and Andrew as they discuss these topics and more on this every episode of Totally Original Geek News Podcast!

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Wakanda Forever…RIP Chadwick Boseman – Nov 29, 1976 – Aug 28, 2020

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