EP 01 – Kickstart My Supernatural Fastfood Restaurant Short Film.

EP 01 – Kickstart My Supernatural Fastfood Restaurant Short Film.

EP 01 - Welcome To Oneg

Link to Indiegogo Campaign: https://bit.ly/2yhKRp4

It’s our first episode!

I’m your host Andrew McDonald, of RapturePress.com, and this is our new podcast Kickstart My… where we talk to creators of short films, comic books, video games, and more. People who are working to achieve the goal of fully funded crowd sourced campaign.

Today we talk to Delphine Batier, creator of the original independent supernatural short film, “Welcome to Oneg .” Welcome To Oneg is set in an alternate world where supernatural creatures, called “ODS”, have come out of the shadows to be a part of society. “For all your craves from the graves!” is Oneg’s slogan: a chain of restaurants that caters to this peculiar clientele’s tastes.

We talk the creation of the idea, development time, challenges and goals for the campaign, and ultimate end goal for the project.

The campaign ends June 8th and details can be found on Indiegogo by searching “Welcome to Oneg” or go to Sunnytales.net the creators website where more details can be found.

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