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Halloween H2O

This week Jackie and Danielle are celebrating the horror legacy that is Halloween by covering Halloween H2O and prepping for Halloween Kills in theaters and on Peacock. Halloween H2O was released in 1998 and

Four Mins To Review: Batman: The Imposter #1

Jenny’s back to review about Batman: The Imposter #1. This episode was: – Voiced By: Jenny Steel – Written By:  Sam Harper and Biplab Mazumder – Edited and Produced By: Sam Harper Liked the

S3E3 – Blue Moon Issue 1 with writer/artist Zach Cole

Link to Kickstarter Campaign: or search “Blue Moon Issue 1 Take 2” at Today’s guest is Zack Colde, creator of Blue Moon,  issue 1 of his comic that currently has a campaign

Ep. 64 – Man of the Year (2006)

Jeff Goldblum pops up for a couple of minutes as a shady executive in this Robin Williams… comedy? The jury’s still out on that one – MAN OF THE YEAR is a political satire,

Sam Harper Makes Us Watch VHS 94 (2021)!

It’s another week of our Halloween round of Guest Makes Mikes Watch episodes, and this week we’re bringing back podcaster Sam Harper, from shows like Four Minutes To and Kickstart My! He did not

Joy Ride

Jackie and Danielle celebrate the 20th anniversary of the suspense thriller Joyride with special guest Zoe of Some Like it Pop. Joyride follows 3 young adults as they road trip from colorado to new

Ep. 63 – Mini’s First Time (2006)

On the latest episode, the Mikes are of two minds about this one – is it a grossly good time or is it just gross? What we do know is that it’s got a

Interview with Zoe of Some Like it Pop

This week Jackie and Danielle cover the 2001 movie Joyride with special guest Zoe from Some Like it Pop. Before the Joy Riide episode drops later this week they wanted to give their audience


Four Mins To Explain: Namor

Thanks to the huge success of DC’s Aquaman, Marvel is bringing their own fish man to the big screen. Rumor has it that Mexican actor Tenoch Huerta is going to play Namor the sub-mariner

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