Road to Dark Crisis #1 Summary

Dark Crisis is set to be the next big event in DC Comics and it has started with a bang, which is the Death of the Justice League storyline.

Yes, you heard that one right. The Justice League is dead now. No ifs and buts. No Elseworlds. It has happened in the main continuity and this one-shot, Road to Dark Crisis #1, is basically an aftermath of the storyline that ended up with the most powerful superhero team dead and how it has affected… well, pretty much everybody.

The issue is a series of short stories that show some of the most important DC characters reacting to the deaths of the Justice League. For example, one of the shorts have Jonathan Kent, mourning the death of Superman, along with Dick Grayson, also known as Nightwing, explaining to him that people don’t come back and then the latter starts thinking about his parents, who were killed when he was younger, and also about Alfred, who was killed by Bane during Tom King’s Batman run.

Then we have Wally West, who is one of the Speedsters and for a long time the main Flash of the DC Universe, mourning the passing of his longtime mentor, Barry Allen, the main Flash these days. It also shows Wally supporting the rest of the Flash family during this particular difficult time and encouraging to be more proactive in order to honor Barry in the way he would have loved.

We also an interesting discussion between the Green Lantern Hal Jordan and the new Aquaman, Jackson Hyde, about how heroism is never going to properly die as well as a similar story from Spoiler/Stephanie Brown, although this one might be a bit ignored when compared to the rest of the shorts that we have in this particular one-shot.

One of the most important shorts here is one involving Pariah, who served The Great Darkness in the events that led to the death of the Justice League. Even though Pariah has been the main villain of the event so far, it is worth pointing out that this short is set to highlight his motivations for said actions and the reader, at least in theory, is meant to empathize with him and what he had to do.

A very interesting one-shot that is meant to touch people’s feelings and definitely play a bit on nostalgia as well.



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