Immortal X-Men #2 Summary

One of the things that have always defined the X-Men franchise, regardless of the context, the era, the writers and many other factors, is the fact that they have a lot of drama and it is often build up as a soap opera with lots of superheroes and spandex. A very nifty and cool concept that has proven quite successful over the years and this recent issue of Immortal X-Men is yet again a proof of how viable that concept is, especially when you inject it with even more copious amounts of drama.

Well, the plot goes something a bit like this: we discover a lot more about the fact that Mr. Sinister literally has a Moira clone farm and we also get to see Selene’s incredible attack towards Krakoa due to the fact that she was not chose onto the Council. It is obviously a very melodramatic state of affairs, but that has always been par for the course with the X-Men and we are seeing a lot of that with this particular series, which is always nice.

We also get to see a lot of focus on Hope Summers. She has been a very poorly handled character over the years, starting out as very important and then losing significance due to the fact that writer don’t know what to do with her. In the case, Gillen, a writer who helped defined her almost a decade ago, manages to make her interesting and dynamic yet again, which is very refreshing when you consider how oftentimes she is treated as she had no personality.

There are a lot of inner conflicts, a lot of back-stabbing and a lot of manipulations in the current events of Krakoa, but then main difference to Jonathan Hickman’s approach is that perhaps Gillen is a bit better in giving every character their own distinct personality and this helps a lot in terms of having lots of different voices and dynamics as the story progresses.

It’s only two issues so far, but overall it has been a very interesting journey. Gillen is certainly building towards something and is fascinating to see the direction he might be taking in the coming issues, so that is something worth taking into account.

Overall, a very entertaining issue and one that you should keep in mind when going to the comic book shop in your next trip!


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