Ep. 2 – John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum / Game of Thrones Season 8

YEAH WE’RE THINKING WE’RE BACK. Get ready for a double episode as Mike and Mike are joined by music supervisor Kyle Cullen to talk the action insanity of JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3 – PARABELLUM. Then stick around for an hour-long … Read the rest

EP 33 – Spark Vampire Batman

Holy Sparkling Twilight Vampires Batman! On This Weeks Review Zoo Episode!

This week Sam Harper and Andrew McDonald discuss:

HellBoy Fails Hard at The Box Office, Robert Pattinson Rumored to Play Batman, DC Releases a ton of new TV Show

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The Review Zoo – EP 32 – Pika Pika F%$& Up Your Career

Another Week, Another Review Zoo Episode!

This week Sam Harper and Andrew McDonald discuss:

Disney Gains Complete Control Over Hulu while James Gunn Opens Up About Firing. Detective Pikachu Makes Money, Maleficent 2, Borderlands 3 Controversy, Marvel Cancelling ALL THE … Read the rest

Ep. 1 – Pokemon Detective Pikachu

On the first episode of Mike & Mike Go To The Movies, we’re introduced to our heroes, Mike Smith and Mike DeCriscio – two movie-loving guys who just want to podcast their hearts out. They’re joined by their “producer,” Collin … Read the rest

The Complete Works Ep. 74 – Nicolas Cage: The Trust (2016)

On the latest episode of The Complete Works, Mike and Mike discuss Nicolas Cage teaming up with Elijah Wood for a crime thriller called THE TRUST.



There be Spoilers and Recapping Y’All! We are talking Endgame fresh off of seeing it.

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The Review Zoo / The Petting Zoo is a Rapture Press Production Starring Sam Harper and Andrew McDonald.

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Welcome again to another episode of The Review Zoo with Sam Harper and Andrew McDonald.

On Today’s Episode we talk…

Avengers Endgame Presale Begins with New Trailer! And Breaks Fandango and AMC hard!

Scalpers Capitalize on Hard to Get Tickets

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The Review Zoo – EP 26 – Fandango Broke