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EP 10: How being authentic and Vunerable will shape your biz with Dannika Ross

This week are talking about being authentic even when peer pressure is strong. Dannika Ross is the owner of Blue Harmony Yoga and lover of the ocean. She combines being spiritual with sustainability while standing out in a crowded yoga
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EP: 9 – How to navigate and balance the woo and do in our biz and lives with Michelle Burke

This week we cover how to navigate and balance the woo and do in our lives. Michelle Burke is a professor of possibilities. She left her secure but soul crushing job and took a blind leap to save her health. … Read the rest

KICK ASS BIZ BITCHES EP 8: How to Go Big in your Biz

Go big, DO NOT go home. This week I talk about ways to really take the big leap into the thing you want to accomplish because only big risks give you big results. Check me out on my website at … Read the rest