Mike and Mike Go To The Movies

Hosted ByMike Smith and Mike DeCriscio

Mike and Mike Go to the Movies is an entertainment and film podcast.

Hosted by Mike Smith and Mike DeCrisico, two film obsessed best buds. Each episode will feature them discussing whatever media has caught their eye lately, and a deep dive into the latest new film release that week. Mike and Mike are often joined by special guests so come along and hang with us.

Music provided by Kyle Cullen (@kylecullenHS) and logo created by Jacob Hunnicut (@jacobhunni).

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Off Mike – Quarantine Watch #7 (Community, Westworld, Josie and the Pussycats, and more)

Mike Makes Mike Watch – The Descent / Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island

Off Mike – Quarantine Watch #6 (Dude, Where’s My Car?, The Last Seduction, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and more)

On the latest Mike and Mike quarantine bonus episode, the Mikes retreat into the film worlds that give them comfort: horror movies and stoner comedies. Plus, they figure out...

Off Mike – Quarantine Watch #5 (Disaster movies, The Descent, Lilo & Stitch, and more)

Off Mike – Quarantine Watch #5 (Disaster movies, The Descent, Lilo & Stitch, and more)

We’re on Week 5 of Quarantine Bonus eps and with no sign of slowing down, put Producer Collin joins us for this one to talk about all the disaster...

Off Mike – Quarantine Watch #4 (Schitt’s Creek, Freaks and Geeks, That Thing You Do!, and more)

Off Mike – Quarantine Watch #3 (Community, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Dirty Dancing, and more)

It’s week three of quarantine and this time our music supervisor Kyle Cullen joins us to talk video games like God of War and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order,...

Off Mike – Quarantine Watch #2 (The Mask of Zorro, The Plot Against America, The Platform, and more)

On the newest quarantine bonus ep, Mike & MIke talk movies like The Mask of Zorro, The Platform, Hard Eight, Motherless Brooklyn and more! Plus, MIke S talks the...

Off Mike – Quarantine Watch #1

So due to recent events, it looks like Mike & Mike won’t be able to go to the movies for the foreseeable future. But the podcast still goes on!...