Jeff Goldblum: A Complete Works Podcast

Discussing the life and career of actor Jeff Goldblum, one film at a time, in chronological order.

Hosted ByMike Smith and Mike DeCriscio
A podcast dedicated to exploring the filmography of Jeff Goldblum in chronological order. How do we do it? Well, podcasting life – uh – finds a way.

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Ep. 34 – Deep Cover (1992)

Jeff Goldblum starts his return to Hollywood, teaming up with Laurence Fishburne to star in Bill Duke’s intensely political (and intensely satisfying) neo-noir, DEEP COVER! Come for the film’s...

Ep. 34 - Deep Cover (1992)

Ep. 33 – The Player (1992)

Alright, so Jeff Goldblum’s only in about 10 seconds of this one, and he’s one of a zillion different Hollywood cameos that pop up in the movie… that didn’t...

Ep. 33 - The Player (1992)

Ep. 32 – Mister Frost (1990)

Jeff Goldblum is a serial killer who may or may not literally be the devil himself. First name Mister. Last name Frost. Is this a secret HALLOWEEN sequel in...

Ep. 32 - Mister Frost (1990)

Ep. 31 – The Tall Guy (1990)

Jeff Goldblum romances Emma Thompson in her film debut in this 1990 comedy written by Richard Curtis and directed by Mel Smith! Before Curtis was the filmmaker behind LOVE...

Ep. 31 - The Tall Guy (1990)

Ep. 30 – Twisted Obsession (1990)

Goldblum gets in on the direct-to-video erotic thriller craze of the late ’80s and early ’90s with TWISTED OBSESSION, a Spanish-produced film set in France with American and British...

Ep. 30 - Twisted Obsession (1990)

Ep. 29 – Framed (1990)

We’re entering the 1990s and returning to the realm of TV movies with this one! Oh wait, sorry, it’s not TV… it’s HBO. Jeff Goldblum and Kristen Scott Thomas...

Ep. 29 - Framed (1990)

Ep. 28 – Earth Girls Are Easy (1989)

Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis reunite three years after THE FLY for a very different romance… and one of the weirdest 1980s fever dreams you’ll ever have. Goldblum, Davis,...

Ep. 28 - Earth Girls Are Easy (1989)

Ep. 27 – Vibes (1988)

This week, we’re talking a movie that bombed at the box office, holds a 10% on Rotten Tomatoes… and actually kind of rocks. Jeff Goldblum teams up with Cyndi...

Ep. 27 - Vibes (1988)

Ep. 26 – Life Story (1987)

Today we talk the fourth and final TV movie Goldblum starred in throughout the ’80s – maybe you saw it during a biology class at some point! Find out...

Ep. 26 - Life Story (1987)