Jeff Goldblum: A Complete Works Podcast

Discussing the life and career of actor Jeff Goldblum, one film at a time, in chronological order.

Hosted ByMike Smith and Mike DeCriscio
A podcast dedicated to exploring the filmography of Jeff Goldblum in chronological order. How do we do it? Well, podcasting life – uh – finds a way.

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Ep. 44 – Independence Day (1996)

TODAY, WE CELEBRATE OUR INDEPENDENCE DAY PODCAST! For a brief period, Jeff Goldblum was a major part of the two highest-grossing films of all time: JURASSIC PARK, and the...

Ep. 44 - Independence Day (1996)

Ep. 43 – The Great White Hype (1996)

We’re back for 2021, and this week we’re talking Jeff Goldblum’s role in a sports comedy with a fascinating backstory. Goldblum co-stars with Samuel L. Jackson, Damon Wayans, Jon...

Ep. 43 - The Great White Hype (1996)

Ep. 42 – Powder (1995)

For our last episode of 2020, we dive into Jeff Goldblum’s role in POWDER, a movie that was plagued by controversy upon release thanks to director Victor Salva’s criminal...

Ep. 42 - Powder (1995)

Ep. 41 – Nine Months (1995)

Jeff Goldblum pops up for a few scenes in Hugh Grant’s first American movie, NINE MONTHS, which is… maybe a little better than its reputation suggests? Look, we’re only...

Ep. 41 - Nine Months (1995)

Ep. 40 – Hideaway (1995)

Mike and Mike talk about one of the most insane (and definitely the most ’90s) movies that Jeff Goldblum has starred in so far – an adaptation of a...

Ep. 40 - Hideaway (1995)

Ep. 39 – Lush Life (1993)

The same year he starred in JURASSIC PARK, Goldblum ALSO starred in a TV movie where he and Forest Whitaker hang around and play jazz, and for a while,...

Ep. 39 - Lush Life (1993)

Ep. 38 – Jurassic Park (1993)

We finally made it. After a string of Hollywood flops and another string of little-seen EuroGoldblum movies, Jeff Goldblum makes his comeback in the biggest movie of his career....

Ep. 38 - Jurassic Park (1993)

Ep. 37 – Shooting Elizabeth (1992)

We’ve finally reached the end of the EuroGoldblum movies, so before we can move on to talk about dinosaurs, we’ve gotta talk Goldblum in this dark comedy that turns...

Ep. 37 - Shooting Elizabeth (1992)

Ep. 36 – Fathers & Sons (1992)

Wait wait wait… it’s about fathers… AND sons?! That’s right, we’ve got both! Jeff Goldblum plays a father struggling to connect with his son while living on the Jersey...

Ep. 36 - Fathers & Sons (1992)