The Review Zoo – EP 34 – Stop Bleeping With The Source Material

The Review Zoo – EP 34 – Stop Bleeping With The Source Material

Hello Again!  We missed a week so this week’s show is a big one! Hence it coming in hot….and late. Sheesh!

Topics this week for Sam Harper and Andrew McDonald:

In Movie Trailers, we have Onward, The Dark Crystal Reboot for Netflix, The Rook a popular novel looks wrong to Sam and Jessica Jones Final Season!

In Actual Film News, we have Robert Pattinson is your Batman, Ways to Bring Deadpool into the MCU, and Wonder Woman and Hero Technicolor Dream Armor.

On TV, Games and Comic Book News, we have Legion Introduces his Daddy Professor X in its Final Season and The Russos are working on Magic: The Gathering for Netflix. Next Week at E3, we expect to see our first look at Square Enix’s Avengers Game and last Superman: Leviathan felt like a bait and Switch and Heroes in Crisis Continues the Assassination of the original Wally West.

Main Topics This Week Are The Stunning Event in the Latest Walking Dead Comic Book and Deadly Class Cancelled from Sci fi aka Why Sam Can’t trust TV shows! We hit some quick notes too at the end on Hellboy, Stan Lee, Sonic the Hedgehog and the loss of a great Marvel artist in Justin Ponsor.

In the mean time and in between, we are The Review Zoo.

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