The Complete Works Podcast

Hosted ByMike Smith and Mike DeCriscio

Entertainment Industry Journalist Mike Smith discusses a specific movie from a film actor, actress, director, or composer's filmography.

The Complete Works Ep. 73 – Pay The Ghost (2015)

The Complete Works is an in-depth, introspective, and, quite frankly, insane idea – FilmBook contributor Mike Smith and his co-host Mike DeCriscio are going to take a look at every film in the filmography of Nicolas Cage, one crazy screaming scene at a time. This week, Mike and Mike discuss Nicolas Cage’s role in 2015’s Pay the Ghost.

Nicolas Cage stars as Mike Lawford, alongside Sarah Wayne CalliesVeronica FerresLyriq Bent, and Jack Fulton, among others. Pay the Ghost was written by Dan Kay and directed by Uli Edel.

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