S3E3 – Blue Moon Issue 1 with writer/artist Zach Cole

S3E3 – Blue Moon Issue 1 with writer/artist Zach Cole

Rapture Press
Rapture Press
S3E3 - Blue Moon Issue 1 with writer/artist Zach Cole

Link to Kickstarter Campaign: http://kck.st/3gbs2Ws or search “Blue Moon Issue 1 Take 2” at kickstarter.com
Today’s guest is Zack Colde, creator of Blue Moon,  issue 1 of his comic that currently has a campaign running on Kickstarter.
Blue Moon is an improved adaptation of Zach Cole’s novella of the same name.
It follows Jeremy Walker, a college student who is attacked by a werewolf in the woods of California. His girlfriend is killed and he is left as a werewolf himself. This leads to a quest for revenge against the werewolf who killed his girlfriend, taking out other creatures of the night along the way!
The Kickstarter is still ongoing, and by the time you hear this should still have at least two week to go, so go to kickstarter.com and “Blue Moon Issue 1 Take 2” and check it out and leave them your donation if you like it!

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