The Review Zoo

Hosted BySam Harper and Andrew McDonald

The Review Zoo is pop culture and entertainment with a decidedly heavy comic book slant.

Join Sam Harper and Andrew McDonald on this beautiful fandom journey! So no subject too geeky, no content off limits! We read the spoilers for you, read the crap so you don't have too, and subject ourselves to the terrible and awesome so that we can share our horror/excitement with you.

The Review Zoo podcast is a creation of the Rapture Press Network.

EP 04 – Butt Chugging Alcohol with John Cena

Episode 04??? What happened to Episode 03? Well, thats a very long story. Perhaps some day we’ll get to the bottom of it. In the meantime, we talk comics, The kingpin of crime, Girl Meets World and Maitland Ward, Jean Claude Van Johnson. Also does Batman really have a no killing code? Cause if he does he sure racks up quite the body count in all his films.

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The Review Zoo is a Rapture Press Production

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