EP 57 – The Power Of Two or You’re A Wizard Dom

EP 57 – The Power Of Two or You’re A Wizard Dom

Season 2 Begins! Yes, 50 something episodes is a very long season 1, but its 2020 baby! And for our first episode back we are combining forces! Join Sam Harper, Andrew McDonald, and a returning Edlund Gerard fresh off his new podcast with Sam, TOGNP (Totally Original Geek News Podcast) as all three of the guys ring in 2020! On this episode we discuss…

New Mutants, Morbius, Birds of Prey, Guns Akimbo, Bloodshot, CW DC TV, Mythic Quest, Christian Bale, Thor, FFVII, Final Fantasy, Cyberpunk 2077, Avengers, Joaquin Phoenix, Joker, Flash, Flashpoint, Picard, Harley Quinn, Brooklyn 9-9, Matrix 4, Justice League Dark, 2020 Predictions

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