EP 48: What Does it All Mean?

EP 48: What Does it All Mean?

Rapture Press
Rapture Press
EP 48: What Does it All Mean?

What we got on our plate for 4/20!

• Trailers for Shang-Chi, F9 and The Hitman’s Bodyguard.

• Casting news, Directing News and Lightsaber news.

• Mini Review: 20XX is so damn fun.
Link to Review As Promised in Show! https://youtu.be/ZjxS54HArgA

Main topics: The New X-Men Team, Doc Ock confirms Weirdness of Spider-Man No Way Home and a quick Review of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

Recorded: April 20, 2021.
Hosts: Andrew McDonald, Samuel Harper
Editor: Delphine Batier

Join Sam and Andrew as they discuss these topics and more on this episode of Totally Original Geek News Podcast!

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