EP 46: Double Trouble With Andrews and Knives Out

EP 46: Double Trouble With Andrews and Knives Out

Recorded: April 04, 2021.

On this edition Andrew McDonald is joined by a friend of the show, screenwriter Andrew Verdi. The two talk about:

Sam’s Absence from the world of TOGNP
• April Fools Jokes Involving Spider-Man
• Twitter Threads to Motion Pictures in “Zola”
• Netflix Trailer for Yasuke The Black Samurai
• Black Widow New Trailer and Release Date

And for our main topics we talk about Monkey Fight Gorilla The Movie, aka Godzilla Vs Kong, and Netflix’s recent $400 Million Dollar Deal with Rian Johnson for Knives Out sequels!

Hosts for this episode are Andrew McDonald and Andrew Verdi (@andrewverdi on Twitter)
Editor: Delphine Batier (@SunnyTalesllc)

Join Sam and Andrew as they discuss these topics and more on this episode of Totally Original Geek News Podcast!

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