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Join Sam Harper and Andrew McDonald on this beautiful fandom journey! So no subject too geeky, no content off limits! We read the spoilers for you, read the crap so you don't have too, and subject ourselves to the terrible and awesome so that we can share our horror/excitement with you.

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EP 42 – How Good Is The Boys & Mike Tyson Family Matters

I now know what my nightmares were warning me about. Laura Winslow with the face of Mike Tyson.


Welcome to this edition of The Review Zoo! Hosts Samuel Harper, Edlund Gerard, and Andrew McDonald discussed Last Wednesday, July 31st:

1 – 2:40 – Mike Tyson Family Matters and The Future of Deep Fakes
2 – 9:40 – Rachel Weisz Playing The TaskMaster? Or Is It Black Widow?
3 – 24:47 – Keanu Reeves for Moon Knight? And the Russos Have A Film They’ll Return For.
4 – 32:27 – The Rock Says Black Adam is an AntiHero, We Say No Duh.
5 – 37:20 – Spider-Man is Safe with a Billion! So is The Lion King!
6 – 43:50 – Next DC Animated Film is Wonder Woman: Bloodlines
7 – 45:14 – Avengers Endgame Deleted Scene is Terrible
8 – 57:23 – Johnathan Hickman Wants Teen Titans
9 – 1:03:31 – Hitchhikers Guide is Coming to Hulu
10 – 1:04:53 – House of X/Powers of X Impressions
11 –  1:14:43 – Marvels OFFICIAL List of OMEGA LEVEL Mutants
12 – 01:25:28 – And Last, The Boys, HOW GREAT IS IT, RIGHT!?!?!In the mean time and in between, we are The Review Zoo. Follow us at The Review Zoo on Instagram and Twitter and Follow the site at Rapture Press on Instagram and Twitter. The Review Zoo Is a creation of the Rapture Press Network.

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