EP 39: Go Lick A Switch Cartridge

EP 39: Go Lick A Switch Cartridge

Rapture Press
Rapture Press
EP 39: Go Lick A Switch Cartridge

Recorded February 14th, 2021.

This week on TOGNP!

The news this week:
● The CW Orders Pilots For Naomi & Powerpuff Girls, and The 4400 Reboot Series
● The Mandalorian’s Pedro Pascal Will Play Joel In The Last of Us
● Peacemaker Series Will Premiere on HBO Max In January 2022
● The CW Passes on the Wonder Girl TV Series
● Adam Wingard’s Not Making a Face/Off Remake—It’s a Sequel
● Paramount+ to reunite the original 7 Real World strangers for series revival
● Donald Glover and Phoebe Waller-Bridge Are Mr. and Mrs. Smith in a New Series for Amazon
● ‘Paranormal Activity’ reboot in the works at Paramount

And the Main Discussion: Gina Carano fired from Lucasfilm and Star Wars.

Join Sam and Andrew as they discuss these topics and more on this every episode of Totally Original Geek News Podcast!

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