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EP 39 – Dave Bautista Plays Live Action Shrek and DC Comics Hates Jesus

Hello All! Welcome to this late edition of The Review Zoo! Samuel Harper, Andrew McDonald and the returning Edlund Gerard, who celebrated his birthday this week too! So Happy BIRTHDAY TO ED!
Discussed Last Wednesday, July 10th:
  • Mulan trailer 
  • We Cast the Live Action Shrek Film, Starring Dave Bautista
  • Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Has Brand New Origin
  • Netflix Blockbuster film, Red Notice, at 200 million budget
  • If Spider-Man: Far From Home makes less than a billion we all lose!
  • Who Lost More Money, X-Men Dark Phoenix or Fan4stic 
  • Detective Pikachu #1 Highest Grossing Video Game Movie
  • CupHead Animated Series to Netflix 
  • Lord of The Rings MMO from Amazon?!
  • 1 Minute Ad Break For Rapture Press Network Podcast Mike and Mike Go to The Movies / The Complete Works
  • Warner Media  Announces Details Of New Direct-to-Consumer Service: HBO Max
  • Mad Magazine is Dead
  • Hellblazer rejoins Sandman Universe
  • Lois Lane Takes on Border Camps
  • Punisher: Cops Should Stop Using My Logo
  • Superman’s new origin: Navy Seal
  • Reviews: The Wildstorm
  • Reviews: Second Coming
  • Wrap Up
In the mean time and in between, we are The Review Zoo.
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The Review Zoo Is a creation of the Rapture Press Network.

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