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EP 38 – We Got a Guest Host! And The Little Mermaid Movie is Gonna Make People Mad

Another week, another Review Zoo Episode with Sam Harper and Andrew McDonald. On this weeks episode we have a guest host! Edlund Gerard! One of the OG artists of back when we used to be a website about webcomics! A Long Long Long Time Ago. The topics he joins us for this week are…


Meet Idris Elba’s Black Superman in final Hobbs and Shaw Trailer
We’ve Got a black Little Mermaid people
Villain for Captain Marvel 2

TV Shows

Netflix Orders Sandman TV Show
Showrunners for GOT are going to Comic Con and R/Freefolk are planning for them

WWE Changes and XFL


Live-Action Final Fantasy Show Coming
Our Top 3 Games of e3 2019


The Walking Dead last issue review – Spoilers

Spider-man: Far From Home After Credits Spoilers

Wrapping up and Plugging of Further Shows

In the mean time and in between, we are The Review Zoo.

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The Review Zoo Is a creation of the Rapture Press Network.

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