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EP 36 – Endgame & Hunger Games Are Returning for Your Money!

Just like the walking dead, FRANCHISES NEVER DIE! AVENGERS ENDGAME and HUNGER GAMES are now prime examples of that! Don’t know what we mean by that, stay tuned and listen as Sam Harper and Andrew McDonald discuss the comic book related pop culture news of the week!

Topics this week are…

Avengers: Endgame Returning to Theaters – 5:30

Marvel coming back to Hall H – 10:00

Marvel & Keanu Reeves – 13:00

Shang-Chi Movie News – 25:43

WWE & Netflix Wrestling Family Movie? – 33:40

Aubrey Plaza to play Catwoman? + Macaulay for Joker in Matt Reeves Batman Film – 43:33

What the Heck Swamp Thing – 54:31

The Hunger Games Prequel Novel/Film is Coming – 1:01:50

JJ Abrams is one step closer to becoming Geek God


Movie: The Dead Don’t Die – 1:19:00
Comic Book: Uncanny X-Men #20

In the mean time and in between, we are The Review Zoo.

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The Review Zoo Is a creation of the Rapture Press Network.

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