EP 32: Brand New World & Merry Christmas to All…

New Podcast Format! Shorter, Sweeter, More Concise!

Main Topic: CyberPunk 2077 – What The Hell Happened? We run down the saga of CyberPunk and ask the question can CD Projekt Red Survive This? Yes. the answer is yes.

And in our run down of weekly topics, we have And This Two where we briefly talk about…

  • The Book of Boba Fett
  • Netflix Adds an Audio Only Mode
  • Lizzie Mcguire Sequel Dead! No Sex for Lizzie!
  • Chris Pine Plays Dungeons and Dragons
  • Snyder Cut Release Date Revealed
  • WWE Wants to buy Mexico! Aka they want a Lucha show.
  • William Dafoe suiting up to fight Spider-Man again
  • GOG aka CD Projekt Red makes another mistake with Devotion

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