EP 26: In Theaters…maybe

EP 26: In Theaters…maybe

Rapture Press
Rapture Press
EP 26: In Theaters...maybe

Recorded October 11th, 2020.

This week on TOGNP!

The Boys Season FINALE! Lots of X Books as mutants plan a sword fight! Batman #100 plans to change the status quo and a bunch of random books that Andrew and Sam are talking about at the start of the show.

The Trailer Park this week brings us impressions on ArchEnemy with Joe Manganiello, The 355 with a heavy hitter female led cast including Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong’o, Penenlope Cruz and Chick Fight with Malin Akerman and Alec Baldwin. And Amazon releases the first trailer for new show Invincible, based on the image comic book series.

Is it Worthy has new Apple announcements coming, Young Bruce Banner to appear in She-Hulk show, New Godzilla anime for Netflix, Sister Act 3 potentially being made, and NBA 2K1 Next-Gen Gameplay reveal.

And in our main discussion we talk theaters really considering giving VOD on demand a fair shot more WTF rumors on Spider-Man 3 from Sony and the internet.

Join Sam and Andrew as they discuss these topics and more on this every episode of Totally Original Geek News Podcast!

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