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EP 44: Disney is the apex predator

Recorded 03/21/2021. Hosts: Andrew McDonald and Sam Harper Editor: Delphine Batier Andrew still has no faith in WB…OR SPIDER-MAN 3! This episode we talk about: ● MCU director news. ● Patrick Stewart keeps on

Cage Ep. 92 – A Score To Settle (2019)

It’s not a true Nicolas Cage VOD thriller unless he’s just been released from prison, trying to reconnect with his kid, and is out for revenge – A SCORE TO SETTLE has got it

Oscar Nominations and WandaVision

Returning guest Vin Craig joins us to talk the new movie that he briefly appears in SHOPLIFTERS OF THE WORLD, before we discuss the just-announced Oscar nominations and finally give our thoughts on WandaVision,

EP 43: The 10 Million Dollar Man

Recorded 03/13/2021 Andrew has no faith in Warner Bros… This episode we talk about: ● Henry Cavil 10 Million Request ● AVATAR Wins Back The Crown ● Batgirl And Zatanna Are Coming To HBO

Interview – Elza Kephart, Director of SLAXX

On a special bonus interview episode of the show, Mike and Mike are joined by Elza Kephart, director of the new horror comedy SLAXX, a Shudder Original Film. Elza gets into how the idea

Cage Ep. 91 – Love, Antosha (2019)

Mike and Mike have been talking about it for a while, and now it’s finally here – we’re kicking off our Cage Catchup episodes this week! We’ll be catching up with the movies we’ve

EP 68: A Disney Witch You Can Root For

Recorded 03/07/2021 Hey @marquelonsigler and @MinovskyArticle , thanks for the suggestions! New this week on The Review Zoo, Sam and I give our impressions on: Movie: Raya The Last Dragon TV: Superman and Lois