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Kickin’ it New School with Megan @1999viibes

This week on the No More Late Fees podcast Jackie and Danielle are joined by Megan from 1999 Viibes. Before our episode drops later this week we wanted to give y’all a chance to

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

This week, Mike and Mike dissect the latest movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS. Is it more of a Sam Raimi film than it is a Marvel

S05E15 – Growing up and going legit sucks…

Sorry on the late episode! I’d say it won’t happen again but I’d be lying…. This episode we’re covering: WB Discovery cleaning up Black Doctor Who Gorr is the best MCU villain? Deadly Class

On The Line

This week Jackie and Danielle are talking about the Lance Bass romcom On the Line. And they’re joined by the hosts of the My So Called Whatever podcast Brooke & Nikki. On the Line

Ep. 87 – Search Party Season 5 (2022)

It’s a bittersweet time on the podcast – this week is our last regular episode of the Jeff Goldblum season. Next week is our Grand Finale, but until then, we’re breaking our own rules

Boy Band Mania with My So Called Whatever

This week on the No More Late Fees podcast Jackie and Danielle are joined by Brooke & Nikki from the My So Called Whatever podcast. Before our episode drops later this week we wanted

May Programming at The Roxy Theater (Guest: Mike Emmons)

This week, Mike Emmons – programming coordinator for The Roxy Theater, the indie theater near Mike Smith’s house in Missoula, Montana – returns to the podcast to tell us what’s going on at The

Get Over It

This week, Jackie and Danielle cover the 2001 musical-ish high school comedy Get Over with their Tik Tok nostalgia ‘twin’ Zack. Get Over it is the 2001 retelling of William Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream.

A Knight and a Luchador walk into a bar….

A knight and a luchodor walk into a bar…. This episode we’re covering: Sony annonces a El Muerto movie starring Bad Bunny Knights Of X #1 comic review This episode was: – Voiced By:

News and Reviews

Rogues #1 review

The Rogues are not only one of the Flash’s biggest villains and one of the most important in the Scarlet Speedster’s vast history, but also one of the most charismatic groups of villains in all of comics, so when renowned DC Comics writer Joshua Williamson decided to write a miniseries about these characters for the company’s Black Label imprint (line of comics for mature readers), there was a lot of reason for excitement. (more…)

Ben Reilly: Spider-Man (2022) #3

Ben Reilly Spider-Man #3 review

Ben Reilly is a character that has developed a significant fanbase over the years and there are some reasons for that: being a clone of Peter Parker that was first introduced in that messy 90s storyline called The Clone Saga, this character is a bit of a mirror image to Peter (of course, they are clones), only a bit more prone to action and also a nice callback to the early days of Spider-Man’s adventures, which was of course the goal of the writers at the time. (more…)

Captain Carter #1 summary

If you’re still obsessed with Peggy Carter’s super-soldier from the What If? series, now’s your chance to read more about her adventures!

Captain Carter #1 gives a faithful albeit formulaic debut to Peggy Carter. The issue opens with three nations fighting over the ownership of Captain Carter until she stamps her authority. This scene sets up the tone, and issues that are explored throughout the issue. Peggy still wears the Union Jack to fight enemies, but she’s not a symbol of a superpower – she’s a character of her own. There’s a powerful scene with the British Prime Minister that establishes Peggy’s autonomy. 

Peggy is a delight throughout the issue. She’s curious about the new world, often struggles to make sense of quirks but never verges on the annoying old lady motif. The scene where she visits her family’s burial ground is particularly strong and emotional. Captain Carter #1 features ample actions with Peggy often exploding into her super soldier dynamics but most of the pages are filled to set the world for her. 


Trial of the Amazons #1 Summary

If you’re dying to read a mega-crossover event focused on the wonder woman lore, you’re in luck! Trial of the Amazons #1 brings the best of the Amazons, Wonder Woman, and Wonder Girl narratives for a heavyweight contest at Themyscira. 

Doom’s Doorway is now a world-ending threat for the Amazonians and they need a new protector of the portal. Queen Nubia faces the challenge to find the most capable warrior and her plans are bolstered by Yara Flor’s Esquecidas. But they are swiftly challenged by the Bana-Mighdall tribe, led by Queen Faruka. The long-ignored Bana-Mighdall returns to Themyscira to stake their claims and govern the Amazon with an iron fist. Ideologies clash, factions are formed, and combats fuel the tension.

Trial of the Amazons #1 is a narrative-driven story with each dialogue carrying its weight. But Yara Flor’s entrance is definitely exciting and Wonder Woman does some stunts as well! This is a world-building event primed to peak with an out-and-out battle at the Contest! Exciting times ahead!


Punisher #1 Summary

Jason Aaron’s Punisher #1 was the talk of the town ever since the first images were unveiled. The Punisher’s iconic skull logo has made way for devil-ish horns but it’s not just the logo that has been changed in the issue. The Punisher #1 features a Frank Castle that’s vastly different from what we’ve seen before.  (more…)

Radiant Red #1 Summary 

If you’re loving the recent Radiant Black runs, you’ll definitely like what they’re doing with the new series Radiant Red.  (more…)