• Mike and Mike Go To The Movies

    Mike and Mike Go to the Movies is an entertainment and film podcast. Hosted by Mike Smith and Mike DeCrisico, two film obsessed best buds. Each episode will feature them discussing whatever media has caught their eye lately, and a deep dive into the latest new film release that week. Mike and Mike are often...

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  • The Complete Works Podcast

    Entertainment Industry Journalist Mike Smith discusses a specific movie from a film actor, actress, director, or composer's filmography.

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  • Sam & Ed’s TOGNP

    We bring the latest news geek culture news in movies, tv, comics, anime, manga, and games!

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  • The Review Zoo

    The Review Zoo is pop culture and entertainment with a decidedly heavy comic book slant.

    Join Sam Harper and Andrew McDonald on this beautiful fandom journey! So no subject too geeky, no content off limits! We read the spoilers for you, read the crap so you don't have too, and subject ourselves to the terrible and awesome so that we can share our horror/excitement with you.

    The Review Zoo podcast is a creation of the Rapture Press Network.

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Mike and Mike take a return trip to the Overlook Hotel as we discuss Mike Flanagan’s sequel that tries to merge the worlds of Kubrick and King into one, DOCTOR SLEEP! We also do a Retro Review of Stanley Kubrick’s THE SHINING while we’re...

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Ep. 87 – Nicolas Cage: MANDY (2018)

We’re in the home stretch of The Complete Works, and now Mike and Mike FINALLY get to talk the crown jewel of the Nicolas Cage Renaissance – we’re diving deep into the insane, trippy world of Panos Cosmatos’ MANDY!

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Episode 53 – Strong Like Tiger Penis

Welcome to this edition of The Review Zoo! Hosts Samuel Harper and Andrew McDonald recorded Last Wednesday, November 6th: On this weeks show we talk… Movies: Bad Boys For Life Trailer Review: Aladdin Film: Good or Bad Games: Conan O’Brien guest stars in Death...

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Mike & Mike take a look back on the entire TERMINATOR series before launching into their review of the fourth attempt to make a third one, TERMINATOR: DARK FATE! Mike D also goes deep on some cult horror and film noir with picks like...

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The Customer Is Always Right!

Check out Episode 2 as we breakdown some new trailers, news in Marvel and DC TV, and give our opinions on the industry’s response to fan backlash! -The Mandalorian -The Witcher -Death Stranding -CW -Disney + -Spider-man -Cowboy Bebop -Ghost in the Shell -Game...

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Ep. 86: Nicolas Cage – TEEN TITANS GO! TO THE MOVIES (2018)

In the ’90s, Nicolas Cage almost played Superman in a live-action movie that would have been directed by Tim Burton. Unfortunately, we’ll never see that movie – but here’s a consolation prize! In 2018, Nicolas Cage made a cameo in the big-screen adaptation of...

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Mike D is taking the week off, but special guest Vin Craig joins up to take his place as he and Mike S talk ZOMBIELAND: DOUBLE TAP, the long-awaited sequel to the hit zombie comedy from 2009! We also talk recent releases THE LAUNDROMAT...

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Love Triangles and Polygamy

Welcome to our first episode! This week we talk about the CW crossover event, some Marvel news, and really dig deep into the virtues of polygamy!

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