Who the hell are you anyway?

Im sure you all have no idea who I am and why the hell you should even listen to me. Well I’m about to shed some light on that. Check me out on my website at I am on … Read the rest

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Kick ass Creative Biz Babe Kristen Kravitz

This week we are talking with Kristen Kravitz. She is a local small biz babe and artist who specializes in wearable art. She has over 176,000 viewers on Pinterest and has been an artist her entire life. She takes us … Read the rest

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10 seconds to success

Get your ass into gear and create the successful business you want on a daily basis in 10 second. Freaking unreal!

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Managing the unmanageable: using the Zorro Circle to get shit done

In this episode I talk about a technique I learned from the book the happiness advantage, called the Zorro circle.

Take a listen and if you want the accompanying PDF shoot me a message through my website, or social … Read the rest

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Time management for female entrepreneurs

In this our first episode, we talked about time management for female entrepreneurs. I go into how important it is to make sure you write everything down. Because if it’s not written down it’s not real. if you are interested … Read the rest

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