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Knights of X #1 Summary

There has been a lot of reshuffling in the X-Men line in the last couple of months. The departure of Jonathan Hickman has proven to be quite significant in terms of the direction they are going for and that has Read the rest


Character Summary: Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff, also known as the Scarlet Witch, is one of the most interesting characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And considering her recent developments in the Wandavision miniseries and her upcoming role in Doctor Stranger and the Multiverse of Read the rest

Rogues #1 review

The Rogues are not only one of the Flash’s biggest villains and one of the most important in the Scarlet Speedster’s vast history, but also one of the most charismatic groups of villains in all of comics, so when renowned Read the rest

Captain Carter #1 summary

If you’re still obsessed with Peggy Carter’s super-soldier from the What If? series, now’s your chance to read more about her adventures!

Captain Carter #1 gives a faithful albeit formulaic debut to Peggy Carter. The issue opens with three nations Read the rest