Jurassic League #1 Summary

DC Comics has always been known as the company that explores their multiverse the most and that has allowed them to have a lot of possibilities in terms of storytelling due to the endless takes that they can have with their classic characters. How many times have we seen great stories involving Batman, Superman and many more outside of the main continuity? That’s something that takes a lot of creativity and intelligence.

And this new series, the first issue of the Jurassic League, might be another interesting take in terms of how crazy and funny it is: the Justice League… but as dinosaurs.

The story is pretty much that: a look in the lives of our classic DC superheroes as dinosaurs, but adding a whimsical touch to it that makes it all work amazingly well. This is one of those situations where the concept of the multiverse is so enticing: the possibility of trying things that might have not worked in the normal continuity, which, in a way, makes the DC comics a lot more complete and fuller.

There are a lot of references to the main DC canon but treated as dinosaur stuff, but we get to see the likes of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Joker and many more in this particular role. It is fun, funny and you have a very good time seeing what the creative team can do with it. It is definitely a very refreshing take on these characters and it brings something different to the table.

The art is also one of the biggest selling points when it comes to this comic because it really plays to the strengths of the concept and you can see the characters the way they should look like: animalistic, but also with that cartoonish touch that, at least from my perspective, takes us back to the crazy days of the Silver Age in the best possible manner.

It is a comic that is meant to be fun and funny, which is something that a couple of comic book creators tend to forget these days. Everything seems to be so serious that there is no room to projects like this one, so it is nice that DC allowed this to happen because it is a refreshing change of pace.


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