Justice League #75 Summary


This issue is the one that closes the whole “Death of the Justice League” storyline and it has been brewing for quite some time now. This whole run has been all about this story and there was momentum going on, so it was very important to see how it sticks the landing.

In terms of that, it has to be said that the book does a solid job in that regard. One of the biggest issues with comic books these days is the lack of consistency and it is very refreshing that this Justice League had managed to have enough issues to make the necessary impact in the story that they were trying to convey. It’s a rarity these days, to be honest.

Everything that happens here is set up for the upcoming DC event, Dark Crisis, so while the Justice League is dying in the main continuity, you know things are not going to remain that way. Well, you already knew because this is comics, but still, it’s important to highlight that.

The comic itself is actually quite straightforward: the Justice League is transported to a dying planet and they have to face off against some of the strongest villains of the universe. Everything is done so one by bone they all die. This is something worth taking into account as the whole comic feels like impending doom and it adds a lot more to the quality of the story itself.

Joshua Williamson is one of the most reliable writers in comics these days and one thing that I have always appreciated about his work is the fact that the characters always feel in line with everything they have done over the years. He knows their voices, their characters and so on, which makes for a much more enjoyable experience if you are a longtime reader. You can tell he is a fan as well.

The art by Rafa Sandoval is definitely one of the highlights of the whole comic. Why? It’s very simple: there are a lot of challenges when it comes to drawing a group title like the Justice League because there are so many characters, especially in an epic battle like this one, but Sandoval does a very good job and it feels very homogeneous, which is something that can be quite difficult to do. Definitely up to the task of this book.

Overall, a very good read, but you should be familiar with what happened before to fully appreciate it.

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