Punisher #1 Summary


Jason Aaron’s Punisher #1 was the talk of the town ever since the first images were unveiled. The Punisher’s iconic skull logo has made way for devil-ish horns but it’s not just the logo that has been changed in the issue. The Punisher #1 features a Frank Castle that’s vastly different from what we’ve seen before. 

The issue opens with the tragic backstory of Frank’s family. We see a collage of violence and gore as Frank takes on anyone he thinks deserves to die. While the over-the-top violence is very Punisher-like, the story jumps back to the present where Frank is leading the ninja group The Hand. The rage-fueled, impulsive Frank is now colder, and more sure of his moves. There are still criminals getting slaughtered everywhere, but Frank has a compelling arc that develops his character. The Hand has played with the supernatural to give Frank something impossible. This has changed his worldview for good but his mission isn’t finished yet. 

Overall The Punisher #1 has elements for everyone to enjoy but a fresh take on his motives stands out the most.


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