The Review Zoo – EP 26 – Fandango Broke

The Review Zoo – EP 26 – Fandango Broke

Welcome again to another episode of The Review Zoo with Sam Harper and Andrew McDonald.

On Today’s Episode we talk…

Avengers Endgame Presale Begins with New Trailer! And Breaks Fandango and AMC hard!

Scalpers Capitalize on Hard to Get Tickets By Jacking Up Prices!

60 Hour MCU Marathons Coming

The New Mutants’ Seemingly Still on the Release Calendar

Erik Larsen has some Marvel gigs all of a sudden

Dave Bautista speaks on the reinstatement of James Gunn

Umbrella Academy Renewed for Second Season

Mark Hamill is Chucky and Sam is excited

Gotham: Joker’s Final Form Revealed

Joaquin Phoenix Joker teaser trailer

Batman: The Last Knight – New Black Label Comic summarized

DC Unlimited Finally Gets its hooks into Sam

Upcoming movie and TV related comic projects coming in the next few years

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