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Petting Zoo! Falcon & Winter Soldier EP 4 Reactions!

This is a quick Petting Zoo! We just finished watching the latest The Falcon and The Winter Soldier episode and mannnnnnnn that’s ending! Join us! — Send in a voice message: Support this

Empire Records

Jackie and Danielle launch their very first episode with Empire Records in honor of Rex Manning Day. Join them as they compare their Y2K rating and present-day rating of the cult classic. — Support

Godzilla vs. Kong

Giant monkey! Giant lizard! Whaddya need, a road map? One Mike finally returns to the movies, one Mike stays home to watch it on his couch, and they’re both joined by Noted Godzilla Expert

EP 46: Double Trouble With Andrews and Knives Out

Recorded: April 04, 2021. On this edition Andrew McDonald is joined by a friend of the show, screenwriter Andrew Verdi. The two talk about: Sam’s Absence from the world of TOGNP • April Fools

Cage Ep. 94 – Kill Chain (2019)

It’s our third straight Nicolas Cage VOD crime thriller in a row, and this one is surprisingly solid! Cage appears as just another link in the KILL CHAIN, as we follow a series of

Let’s Rank Alternate Cuts!

In honor of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, this episode takes a deep dive into the world of director’s cuts, producer’s cuts, fan edits, and more! Any alternate cut of any movie is on the

EP 45: The Short News Solo One

Recorded: March 30th, 2021. Hosts: Andrew McDonald Editor: Delphine Batier On this super short edition Andrew talks about: The passing of actress Jessica Walter Pierce Brosnan joins the cast of DC’s upcoming Black Adam

Cage Ep. 93 – Running With The Devil (2019)

PSA: At no point in 2019’s RUNNING WITH THE DEVIL do they ever play the Van Halen song. Missed opportunity. It’s another VOD crime thriller with Nicolas Cage, this time a Redbox Original that’s