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Who greenlint this?

Who greenlint this? This episode we’re covering: Joker 2 gets more interesting A One Punch Man movie that seems like a waste Netflix proves they have no good sense And more! This episode was:


This week we are falling into the web and celebrating the 20th anniversary of 2002’s movie Spider-Man. We’re excited to have our pod pals from the Mike and Mike Go to the Movies podcast.

Ep. 89 – Jurassic World Dominion (2022)

This week, Mike and Mike dive back into the world according to Jeff Goldblum to talk Goldblum’s reunion with Sam Neill and Laura Dern in the latest JURASSIC PARK movie, JURASSIC WORLD DOMINION! Did

Web Slingin’ with Mike and Mike

This week Jackie and Danielle are joined by fellow superhero fans Mike and Mike from the Mike and Mike Go to the Movies Podcast. Before the Spider-Man episode drops later this week they wanted

Interview with Jeanie Calleja

This week on the No More Late Fees podcast Jackie and Danielle are joined by actress and writer Jeanie Calleja. You probably remember Jeanie from her roles in movies like My Big Fat Greek

Let’s Rank Fictional Bands!

This week the Mikes decide to rank their top 5 movies about fictional bands in “honor” of the new Baz Luhrmann film ELVIS.

Netflix is not playing with y’all

This episode we’re covering: Netflix’s Geeked Week God Of War sequel Spider-Man: NWH back in theaters And more! This episode was: – Voiced By: Sam Harper – Written By: Sam Harper – Edited and

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie

This week Jackie and Danielle are morphing into action with their guests Brandon and Laura as they cover the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from 1995. After their Command Center is trashed by the nefarious

News and Reviews

Astronaut Down #1 Summary

If there is an element that can define AfterShock Comics in the last couple of years is the fact that they have been extremely consistent with their output and they have always found ways to deliver high quality comics regardless of the context of the market or what the popular trend is at the time. And when it comes to that particular regard, Astronaut Down, with its debut issue, is another example of that approach: a very good read that maintains a lot of the company’s core values while adhering to a very interesting premise.


Where Starships Go to Die #1 Summary

AfterShock Comics might be one of the most underrated comic book companies in the market these days, constantly churning out high quality books and always being professional, consistent and adding a lot of variety to what has been perceived as a very homogeneous industry. And the latest example of this is the first issue of Where Starships Go to Die.


The Ward #1 Summary

Dark Horse Comics is one of the most important comic book companies of the last thirty years or so and they have constantly pushed the envelope, trying to come up with new and daring ways to entertain their readers, which is something that is certainly pleased by a lot of people all over the world. And their recent comic, the debut issue of The Ward, is another great example of that.


Ms. Marvel Episode 1 Summary

Kamala Khan, usually known by her superhero name of Ms. Marvel, has been one of the most popular characters to come out of Marvel Comics for the last ten years or so and she is now finally part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the release of her TV show on Disney+, Ms. Marvel.


Dark Crisis #1 Summary

Dark Crisis has been DC Comics’ big event of this year and it had been building up during the main Justice League comic book series, which found a climax of sorts with the Death of the Justice League storyline where the main DC heroes actually died. No ifs or buts. Gone. Dead. Finished. And now we have the event itself, dealing with the consequences of that storyline.


Road to Dark Crisis #1 Summary

Dark Crisis is set to be the next big event in DC Comics and it has started with a bang, which is the Death of the Justice League storyline.

Yes, you heard that one right. The Justice League is dead now. No ifs and buts. No Elseworlds. It has happened in the main continuity and this one-shot, Road to Dark Crisis #1, is basically an aftermath of the storyline that ended up with the most powerful superhero team dead and how it has affected… well, pretty much everybody.


Immortal X-Men #2 Summary

One of the things that have always defined the X-Men franchise, regardless of the context, the era, the writers and many other factors, is the fact that they have a lot of drama and it is often build up as a soap opera with lots of superheroes and spandex. A very nifty and cool concept that has proven quite successful over the years and this recent issue of Immortal X-Men is yet again a proof of how viable that concept is, especially when you inject it with even more copious amounts of drama.