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EP 36 – Endgame & Hunger Games Are Returning for Your Money!

Just like the walking dead, FRANCHISES NEVER DIE! AVENGERS ENDGAME and HUNGER GAMES are now prime examples of that! Don’t know what we mean by that, stay tuned and listen as Sam Harper and Andrew McDonald discuss the comic book related pop culture news...

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Ep. 77: Nicolas Cage – Dog Eat Dog (2016)

On the latest episode of The Complete Works, Mike Smith and Mike DeCriscio discuss Nicolas Cage’s role in Paul Schrader’s absolutely bonkers 2016 crime film DOG EAT DOG, featuring a manic Willem Dafoe, a lot of drugs, and one expert Humphrey Bogart impression from...

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EP: 9 – How to navigate and balance the woo and do in our biz and lives with Michelle Burke

This week we cover how to navigate and balance the woo and do in our lives. Michelle Burke is a professor of possibilities. She left her secure but soul crushing job and took a blind leap to save her health. Michelle is a mentor...

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Ep. 3 – Godzilla: King of the Monsters / Dark Phoenix

On another double episode of Mike & Mike Go To The Movies, Nick Wermuth joins us as we get underwhelmed by a couple of new franchise films – GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS and the final-ish X-Men movie, DARK PHOENIX. We’ll also do a...

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The Review Zoo – EP 34 – Stop Bleeping With The Source Material

Hello Again!  We missed a week so this week’s show is a big one! Hence it coming in hot….and late. Sheesh! Topics this week for Sam Harper and Andrew McDonald: In Movie Trailers, we have Onward, The Dark Crystal Reboot for Netflix, The Rook...

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On the latest episode of The Complete Works, Mike Smith and Mike DeCriscio take a look at the feature-length adaptation of Quint’s speech from JAWS – Nicolas Cage stars in USS INDIANAPOLIS: MEN OF COURAGE! 1100 men go into the water, 316 come out....

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  • The latest #Mike&MikeGoToTheMovies is live. This week's big topics are the critically under acclaimed films #godzilla and #xmen #darkphoenix. Head to our site listed in our bio and follow @mdnotablog & @radio_mike_sandwich
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  • Need something to fill your Friday Afternoon? Listen to the latest Complete Works with @mdnotablog & @radio_mike_sandwich as they talk the #nicolascage #film #USSINDIANAPOLISMENOFCOURAGE ! Episode 76 of #TheCompleteWorks #podcast on @anchor.fm and rapturepress.com #TheCompleteWorksOfNicolasCage #rapturepress
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  • The first episode of the new Mike & Mike Go to The Movies is live! Listen now on Anchor.fm or #Spotify full link to the show in comment below! @radio_mike_sandwich @mdnotablog