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Ep. 79: Nicolas Cage – Arsenal (2017)

On the latest episode of The Complete Works, Mike and Mike discuss Nicolas Cage’s role in 2017’s ARSENAL, in which he reprises his role from the infamously insane 1993 thriller DEADFALL! Adrian Grenier, John Cusack, and Cage’s own brother (and director of DEADFALL) Christopher...

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EP 10: How being authentic and Vunerable will shape your biz with Dannika Ross

This week are talking about being authentic even when peer pressure is strong. Dannika Ross is the owner of Blue Harmony Yoga and lover of the ocean. She combines being spiritual with sustainability while standing out in a crowded yoga space while being authentic....

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EP 39 – Dave Bautista Plays Live Action Shrek and DC Comics Hates Jesus

Hello All! Welcome to this late edition of The Review Zoo! Samuel Harper, Andrew McDonald and the returning Edlund Gerard, who celebrated his birthday this week too! So Happy BIRTHDAY TO ED! Discussed Last Wednesday, July 10th: Mulan trailer  We Cast the Live Action...

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Ep. 5 – Spider-Man: Far From Home / Midsommar

On the latest episode of Mike & Mike Go To The Movie, the Mikes are joined by their buddy Vin Craig, esteemed actor who just finished a run in Viral: The Musical and who can be seen in Jim Jarmusch’s new zombie-comedy, THE DEAD...

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EP 38 – We Got a Guest Host! And The Little Mermaid Movie is Gonna Make People Mad

Another week, another Review Zoo Episode with Sam Harper and Andrew McDonald. On this weeks episode we have a guest host! Edlund Gerard! One of the OG artists of RapturePress.com back when we used to be a website about webcomics! A Long Long Long...

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Ep. 78: Nicolas Cage – Army of One (2016)

On the latest episode of The Complete Works, Mike and Mike talk Nicolas Cage’s role in ARMY OF ONE, in which he delivers one of his most insane performances to portray the true story of a guy who left for Pakistan to hunt down...

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  • Mike & Mike have reached their 79th #nicholascage film on this weeks, #TheCompleteWorks. On this episode they watch #ARSENAL a 2017 film that stars Cage, John Cusack, Adrian Grenier and pretty much no one else you care about! But it was directed by Steven C Miller, so at least he's got some fun films. Listen now everywhere you find your podcasts or at our website!
  • Start the Morning with some positivity! This week, Kick-Ass Biz Bitches host, Sheryl Guarniero talks to Dannika Ross of Blue Harmony Yoga about being authentic, even when peer pressure is strong! Listen now at our site or search #kickassbizbitches where ever you get your podcasts!
  • @TheReviewZoo Episode 39 is live! On this weeks show we talk, Disney's Mulan, Dave Bautista as Shrek, Netflix's Big Blockbuster, Spider-Man, Sandman, SuperMan, The WildStorm and Warner Bros Hates Jesus! Listen now at the link #rapturepress in our bio or search #TheReviewZoo anywhere you listen to #Podcasts #rapturepressnetwork
  • Link in Bio! Looking to laugh while you close out your week? Tune into Mike & Mike Go To The Movies! On This Weeks Episode The Mikes are Talking Spider-Man: Far From Home and MidSommar, the new film from Ari Aster, Director of the Movie Hereditary!
  • New Episode Of The Review Zoo! Episode 38! We talk Sandman coming to Netflix, Disney Casts A New Little Mermaid, Racists Predictably Racist, and We've Got a Guest Host! A Literal Blast From Rapture Press' Past, Welcome @son_broku Back to the Fold! Listen and Subscribe Now! https://buff.ly/2XC4dLX #Sandman #netflix #Disney #LittleMermaid #Comics #Movies #TV
  • #TheCompleteWorks Latest Podcast is Live! On EP #78 of #TCW @mdnotablog & @radio_mike_sandwich talk #ArmyOfOne the #nicolascage #russelbrand film where Cage plays a man on a mission from #God to bring #osamabinladen to justice! Listen now on @anchor.fm https://buff.ly/2NPbwjM & everywhere you get your podcasts!